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Only All Wheel Drive 1965 Ford Mustang Ever With 865 HP

Monster3Wow! Check out this incredible video of a 1965 Ford Mustang completely redone by Monster Energy Racing for a special run in the streets of Los Angeles and behind the wheel their infamous professional driver, Ken Block.  This is the only all wheel drive Mustang EVER MADE, and it has 865 ponies under the hood.  Just watch.



Ferrari 458 Italia Unreal Sound

Check out this incredible video of a Ferrari 458 Italia letting her engine roar!  It sounds unreal, the car is just howling like an F-1 car!  Just wait till 40 seconds and listen to that bad boy screaming!

Gymkhana a New Motor Sport and The Most Incredible Driving

If you haven’t heard of the new motor sport, Gymkhana, you’re definitely missing out!  Gymkhana is similar to autocross in the fact that it is a timed course, but  the lay out of the course in Gymkhana is completely different.  Gymkhana is like a high school kids dream motor sport,  it is filled with stunt driving, drifting, fast cars, incredible drivers, obstacles and so much more.

Ken Block and his Ford Fiesta Gymkhana edition

Ken Block and his Ford Fiesta Gymkhana edition

It is like a real life fast and furious almost, but sanctioned as a sport if that makes sense.  How about you watch the video below of the original creation of Gymkhana, when a famous driver named Ken Block decided to make an obstacle course like no one had ever seen and film it.  He accomplishes driving feats that you could never imagine, check it out. Now Gymkhana has sanctioned events with rules but it all came from this video!


Corvette Zr1 vs Audi R8

Nothing to say, a Corvette Zr1 and an Audi R8, jus watch and enjoy..

Another Great SanCap Motor Club Cruise-In

Thanks to anyone and everyone that showed up to The SanCap Motor club Cars and Coffee Cruise-In!  We are glad to provide Sanibel and Captiva with a car club and events for the residents to get together and enjoy the same passion.   It was our second monthly Cruise-In and we could not be happier with the results, we had over 30 cars come in and out and twice as many spectators!  The SanCap Motor Club could not be happier to help the community of Sanibel and Captiva by giving the car lovers a home! Check out the video a great friend, David Carter made of the recent October 2014 event for his website-

Cars and Coffee, Island Style Cruise-In – October 4th, 2014 Video

Thanks to all who attended the SanCap Motor Club Cars and Coffee, Island Style Cruise-In yesterday, it was an absolutely great time!  So glad more and more Sanibel and Captiva locals keep making these Cruise-Ins better and better!  Also a big thank you to our friend David Carter for making an incredible video of the Cars and Coffee October Cruise-In for his awesome site,  Check the video out below and leave a reply if you see your car!

American Muscle Thrives, Zr-1 Drag Race King

Check out this awesome race of super cars and watch American Muscle thrive as the Corvette Zr1 spanks the competition.  The competition is no easy match either, the cars are all top of the line super cars.  There is a Ferrari 599, Porsche GT2, and a Nissan GT-R.  The Corvette comes out on top of the mile long race.  Unfortunately the quarter mile is not enough space for the supercharged 8 cylinder Zr-1 to show its power and it was a little behind in the beginning. Check it out!

“If You Can Drive a 911, You Can Drive Anything.”

There is a saying in the automobile world of racing and driving and that is, “If You Can Drive a 911, You Can Drive Anything.”  By 911, we are referring to the iconic and revolutionary sports car, the infamous rear engined Porsche 911 that debuted to the public in 1963.  The Porsche 911 has been in production for over half a century and has been an iconic car for all automobile enthusiast since its inception.



The Porsche 911 was just an idea from Ferdinand Porsche that he sketched in 1959 to improve another Porsche model, 4 years later Porsche would produce the most revolutionary sports car naming it the 911.    This car is the perfect combination of street and track performance and is the perfect median between a sports car and a race car.  You can drive it on the track or on the road, this is a car you dream of since the days of seeing it on T.V. or on the streets with your dad.  The Porsche 911 really changed the game for sport cars to come. Some would criticize the rear engine but soon learn that once a driver was capable of driving the incredible 911, that they could drive anything.  This is because of the rear engine and the displacement of power, you have to learn to drive the car and once you do, they say there is nothing that can handle like a Porsche.

porsche 911 2


The Body style and Engine on the Porsche 911 have not changed much over time, the car has been rear engined, and with the same body style for over 50 years.  There has obviously been many changes in performance to accommodate technology, but the car has been very similar.


Check out this video on one of the most incredible Porsche 911’s in the world today, owned by car enthusiast Jack Olsen, his Porsche 911 RSR is called Black Beauty and for good reason.    Jacks Porsche, Black Beauty is a race car, daily driver and really holds true to what the Porsche 911 is all about!  This is the car you dream of as a kid!


Fast and Furious Dodge Charger R/T

Check out this incredible video giving all the details of Vin Diesel’s 1972 Dodge Charger in The Fast and Furious original.  Vin Diesel’s character in the movie, Dominique Torreto claimed to be “scared” of the Charger and after watching this video, you will understand why.  What a car, absolute perfect machine.

Porsche 918 Spyder S The Future

Have you heard of the $845,000 Porsche called the 918 Spyder S?  This car is the future, with the nearly million dollar price tag, 4.6 liter, 608 Horsepower v-8, and 2 additional electric motors that give it an extra 279 horsepower, the Porsche 918 Spyder S is the future!  This car chases 60 mile per hour in under 3 seconds and combines the power of 2 electric motors with raw v-8 power and totals in 887 horses ready to go!  Now that is a hybrid.  Check out the video below and listen to the sound as well as admire the sleek design!